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RFID Reader/Writer - 13.56Mhz

RFID Reader/Writer - 13.56Mhz


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This is a RFID reader/writer module using the 13.56Mhz carrier frequency. This is the same as the popular 'mifare' range of RFID cards, as used in London's 'Oyster' scheme and many others. The reader/writer module comes with a rigid antenna that conveniently connects to the module with an attached JST terminated lead.

It's obvious, but it's worth pointing out that you can only use this module to write to an RFID card/tag, if the card/tag itself supports it! Please look in the SDK and sample code file for details about exactly which types of writable card/tag are supported.

  • R/W chip MFRC500 / MFRC400 / MFRC531 / MFRC632
  • Standard ISO/IEC 14443 type a
  • Frequency 13.56MHz
  • Baud Rate 9600-115200bit/s(configurable, default 9600 bauds)
  • Power supply : 5V
  • Current : <70mA
  • Operating range 30-100mm : reading range depend on antenna and card/tag
  • Interface : TTL
  • Board Size 39 x 19 x 9 mm / DIP28
  • Antenna Size?54.2 x 72.7 mm, Wire:80mm

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